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Pavel Klimov

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Top Stories by Pavel Klimov

Today is Monday. I like Mondays: a lot of working time, a lot of things to do, a lot of energy. Of course, I like the second item not very much, but it creates the third item. I definitely like the third one. It seems my colleague Peter has much more things to do, or at least some things are highly urgent. Me: is it so urgent? Peter: Yes, because I didn't start to read manuals on Friday, I decided to read them on weekend, I was too busy on weekend. Today is Monday, and I'm really late because of traffic jams. So I have only a half an hour now. Me: How can I help you? Peter: Tell me please how to run my ASP.NET site in Amazon EC2*. I already received EC2 credentials. What should I do now? Me: You need to verify that you have a proper security group. Then you should verify the key pairs generated. Then you need to find some proper image to launch. Then you need launch wi... (more)

Genetic Cloud: Cloud Computing Is For Everyone Every Day

Cloud Computing provides almost unlimited resources. They are always available. The payment is only for usage time. The current article continues the series about new opportunities that become available to every person. Do you play billiard? I do. I’m not a professional player. So I enjoy pocketing a ball accidentally. The ball’s going at the rebound from cushions, coming to the pocket; it almost stops with revolving, and … falls to the pocket. Such kind of a casual luck! But I’m not sure the luck is here today. The coming manager doesn’t look like he simplifies my current work d... (more)

The New Version of EC2Studio Is Released

Amazon at Cloud Expo The users can use several Amazon EC2 accounts when they work with the add-in. Account changing in the add-in is available in the same easy manner like changing of the AWS region at the all EC2 add-in pages. Once an account is added and the connection is tested – it’s ready to use. The operations with new AWS feature - Instance with EBS root file system - are supported in the new version. The instance is available to start from the special AMI (with root device type ‘EBS’). The instances operations Start and Stop are available for such instances. The new ver... (more)

Amazon S3 for C# Developers

I like to find things that are easy themselves and that can be easily used. Amazon S3 is a convenient place to store data in. But I found that it's not simply a storage. It has the following features: Possibility to define metadata for stored objects. Metadata can be both standard HTTP headers and custom headers. HTTP access can be provided for files stored in Amazon S3. The access can be easily limited by time. The logging can be turned on and stored also in Amazon S3. Permissions to data stored in Amazon S3 is also controllable (per user, for all users, per authenticated users... (more)

Hosting in Amazon Cloud

Amazon Cloud on Ulitzer Cloud Computing opens new opportunities both for business and for any person solving their particular tasks. The current series of articles has a goal to show that any person can use almost unlimited resources exactly for the price of using these resources. I don’t need Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport to get the nearest supermarket or even the work (although I wish I drove such car to my work several times), so I have a car a bit simpler. f course I cannot make such Grand Sport from my car for a couple of hours, and pay for these hours only. But I can use Cloud... (more)